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Product name 2-aminophenol
Synonyms o-hydroxyaniline
GOST no data
CAS 95-55-6

o-Aminophenol is a colorless crystalline solid. It is easily oxidizes on air coloring in deep brown tint.


In chemical industry o-aminophenol is derived from 2-nitrochlorobenzene. At the first stage chloride is substituted with phenolate group (NaOH); then nitro group is reduced up to amino group (H2, Ni/Cr, 75°C, 0.6MP, ethanol) and finally after acidification resulting product is obtained:

Cl(C6H4)NO2 --> NaO(C6H4)NO2 --> NaO(C6H4)NH2 --> HO(C6H4)NH2


  • o-Aminophenol is used in production of sulfur and azo dyes;
  • o-Aminophenol is a photo developer;
  • rubber antioxidant;

  • Manufacturer(s) no data
    Chemical structure of o-aminophenol

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