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Product name aniline
Synonyms aminobenzene
GOST 313-77
CAS 62-53-3

Aniline is oily, colourless liquid with somewhat unpleasant odour of rotten fish. It turns to red-brown tint on exposure to air due to oxidation. Aniline is a primary aromatic amine. It is miscible with almost organic solvents; boundedly soluble in water. Aniline forms azeotropes with almost hydrocarbons, their halogene derivatives and water.


  • Aniline is produced by catalytic reduction of nitrobenzene (basic industrial method):

    C6H5NO2 + 3H2 --> C6H5NH2 + 2H2O + 443.8 kJ/mol

  • another method is realized via phenol ammonolysis at 300-600°C and pressure above 1 MPa in adiabatic reactor on catalyst (Al2O3 or alumosilicate);
  • by heating chlorobenzene with ammonia in the presence of a copper catalyst.


  • the largest market for aniline now is preparation of methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI);
  • dyes preparation;
  • it is a starting-product for the manufacture of many drugs;
  • manufacture of rubber-processing chemicals and antioxidants;

  • Manufacturer(s) OJSC Beraton
    JSC Kemerovo Aniline and Dye Plant
    JSC Khimprom
    JSC Volzhsky Orgsynthese
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