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benzyl alcohol

Product name benzyl alcohol
Synonyms phenylmethanol
GOST no data
CAS 100-51-6

Benzyl alcohol is a clear, oily liquid with a mild, pleasant odor. It has limited solubility in water, but readily soluble in alcohol, ether, liquid SO2 and NH3;


Industrial preparation of benzyl alcohol is based on:

  • the hydrolysis of benzyl chloride in the presence of soda ash or NaOH;
  • catalytic oxidation of toluene;


  • Benzyl alcohol is used as a general solvent for inks, paints, lacquers and epoxy resin coatings;
  • It is also used as a raw material of various esters, used in the soap, perfume, and flavor industries;
  • as a degreasing agent in cleaning;
  • for antipruritic activity to relieve itching;
  • chemical intermediate for synthesis of target molecules used in pharmaceuticals, bacteriostatic agents, cosmetics, preservatives;

  • Manufacturer(s) OJSC AROMASYNTHEZ
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