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benzyl benzoate

Product name benzyl benzoate
Synonyms benzoic acid benzyl ester
GOST no data
CAS 120-51-4

Benzyl benzoate is an organic compound that is a colorless liquid; soluble in ethanol, methanol, acetone.


  • Benzyl benzoate is produced by condensation of benzoic acid and benzyl alcohol:

    C6H5COOH + C6H5CH2OH --> C6H5C(O)OCH2C6H5 + H2O

  • by Tishchenko reaction at 50-60°C:

    C6H5C(O)H + C6H5CH2ONa --> C6H5C(O)OCH2C6H5


  • As an antiparasitic insecticide that kills lice and the mites responsible for the skin condition scabies;
  • As a fixative in fragrances to improve the stability and other characteristics of the main ingredients;
  • As a food additive in artificial flavors;
  • As a plasticizer in cellulose and other polymers;

  • Manufacturer(s) OJSC AROMASYNTHEZ
    Chemical structure of benzyl benzoate

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