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butyl cellosolve

Product name butyl cellosolve
Synonyms 2-butoxyethanol
ethylene glycol mono-n-butyl ether
GOST no data
CAS 111-76-2

Butyl cellosolve is a clear, colorless, flammable liquid with an glycol-like odor. It is soluble in water, alcohols, glycols, diethyl ether, acetone, chloroform and other organic solvents. Cellosolve is a monoalkyl ether of ethylene glycol. Butyl cellosolve dissolves cellulose nitrates and acetates, alkyd resins. 2-Butoxyethanol is a toxic compound.


  • Butyl cellosolve is manufactured by the reaction of n-butyl alcohol with ethylene oxide at 150-200C and 2-4MPa in the presence of homogeneous (acids, alkalies) or heterogeneous (zeolites, aluminum silicates, silica gels) catalysts:



  • as a solvent in paints and surface coatings, followed by cleaning products and inks;
  • in acrylic resin formulations, asphalt release agents, firefighting foam, leather protectors, oil spill dispersants and photographic strip solutions;
  • as a primary ingredient of various whiteboard cleaners, liquid soaps, cosmetics, dry cleaning solutions, lacquers, varnishes, herbicides, and latex paints;
  • as a diluent for alkyd resins;
  • as a degreasing agent;
  • as an additive to automobile fuels as a deicing solution;
  • as an azeotrope agent for separation of alcohols and carbohydrates mixtures;

  • Manufacturer(s) JSC Kazanorgsintez
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