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epsilon-caprolactam solid

Product name epsilon-caprolactam solid
Synonyms 2-oxohexamethylenimine
GOST 7850-86
CAS 105-60-2

Caprolactam - colorless hygroscopic crystals, soluble in water, organic solvents and diluted sulfuric acid.
Caprolactam is typical lactam. Being heated with mineral acids forms salts; in presence af small amounts of water, alcohols or amines at 250-260 °C polymerizes into polyamide resin which is used for synthetic fibers production (nylon).

Commercial production

Industrial process use benzene as start material. Benzene hydrogenates to cyclohexane on Pt/Al2O3 or Ni/Cr catalysts at 250-350 or 130-220 °C respectively. Than cyclohexane by liquid phase oxidation converts into cyclohexanol at 140-160°C, 0.9-1.1 MPa in presence of cobalt naphthenate or stearate. Cyclohexanol dehydrogenates to cyclohexanone on Zn/Fe (400 °C) or Zn/Cr (360-400 °C) or Cu/Mg (260-300 °C) catalysts. Oxime forms after treatment with hydroxylamine sulfate water solution or ammonia at 0-100°C. Final stage of caprolactam synthesis is treatment of cyclohexanoxime with concentrated sulfuric acid at 60-120 °C (Beckmann rearrangement.)

Caprolactam is an irritant and is toxic by ingestion, inhalation, or absorption through the skin
Manufacturer(s) OJSC Grodno Azot
JSC Kuibyshevazot
JSC Shchekinoazot
Chemical structure of caprolactam

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