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carbon tetrachloride

Product name carbon tetrachloride
Synonyms tetrachloromethane
freon 10
halon 104
GOST no data
CAS 56-23-5

Carbon tetrachloride is a clear, colorless liquid with a "sweet" smell that can be detected at low levels. It is miscible with a number of organic solvents. Tetrachloromethane is practically insoluble in water, but forms azeotrope mixture with it. When heated to 250°C in the presence of small amounts of water, it forms highly toxic fumes of phosgene and hydrogen chloride. If water is present in excess, it decomposes to chlorine. Now the production and use of carbon tetrachloride have been phased out throughout the world because of suspected harm to the earth's ozone layer.


  • by reacting carbon disulfide with chlorine at 105-130°C:

    CS2 + 3Cl2 --> CCl4 + S2Cl2

  • by complete chlorination of the mixture C1-C3 hydrocarbons at 600°C. Carbon tetrachloride is produced as by-product and is isolated by rectification.
  • by complete chlorination of the mixture of chlorinated hydrocarbons (vinyl chloride manufacture waste);


    Carbon tetrachloride is used:

  • in fire extinguishers and refrigeration, but now largely abandoned due to its toxicity;
  • as a dry cleaning solvent and for degreasing metals as it is not flammable and is a good solvent for fats, oils, and greases;
  • in fire extinguishers in mixtures with potent fumigants to reduce the fire hazard, to render benzene nonflammable and separate xylene isomers as components to reduce flammability;
  • in veterinary medicine as an antihelmintic and to treat liver fluke infections in sheep;
  • in polymer industry as a reaction medium, catalyst and chain transfer agent, as a solvent for resins;
  • as a feedstock for chlorination of organic compounds used in soap perfumery and insecticidal industries;
  • as a general purpose nonflammable solvent;

  • Manufacturer(s) JSC Kaustik
    JSC Khimprom
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