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Product name chloromethane
Synonyms methyl chloride
GOST no data
CAS 74-87-3

Methyl chloride is a colorless flammable toxic gas with a slightly sweet odor. It is readily soluble in organic solvents, but practically insoluble in water. Being treated with chlorine in liquid phase under pressure methyl chloride gives methylene chloride CH2Cl2, chloroform CHCl3 and carbon tetrachloride CCl4. Reaction with ammonia or amines results in primary, secondary, tertiary amines or quarternary ammonium bases.


  • Methyl chloride is prepared by reacting methanol with hydrogen chloride by bubbling hydrogen chloride gas through boiling methanol with or without a zinc chloride catalyst, or by passing combined methanol and hydrogen chloride vapors over an alumina catalyst at 350°C;
  • by heating a mixture of methane and chlorine to over 400°C. This method also results in more highly chlorinated compounds such as methylene chloride and chloroform, carbon tetrachloride and is usually only used when these other products are also desired.


  • as a solvent in the production of butyl rubber;
  • in the manufacture of silicone polymers, tetramethyllead, methylcellulose;
  • in manufacture of quarternary ammonium bases;
  • as a raw material in the manufacture of such chemicals as methyl mercaptan, methylene chloride, chloroform;
  • as a refrigerant, but less toxic and less flammable compounds have largely replaced it;
  • as an intermediate in drug manufacturing;
  • as a local anesthetic;

  • Manufacturer(s) Penta
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