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Product name cyclohexanol
Synonyms cyclohexyl alcohol
GOST no data
CAS 108-93-0

Cyclohexanol is clear, colorless, oily liquid or hygroscopic crystals with a camphor-like odor. It is boundedly soluble in water but miscible with most organic solvents.


Bulky commercial production of cyclohexanol is realized by:

  • phenol hydrogenation in vapour phase at 130-150°C and 1.5-2.5MPa in the presence of Ni-Cr/Al2O3. Yield is 98-99%:

    C6H5OH + 3H2 --> C6H11OH + 210 kJ/mol

  • oxidation of cyclohexane in liquid phase;


  • cyclohexanol is an intermediate product in adipic acid and cycloxexanone production;
  • it is used as a solvent for paints, lacquers, varnishes, waxes, polymers and a dry cleaning material;
  • as stabilizer for emulsions, lubricating oils;
  • as an antifoamer and homogenizing agent;
  • as flatting agent in synthetic fibers production;
  • as an intermediate for pharmaceuticals, plasticizers, rubber chemicals, cyclohexylamine and pesticides;

  • Manufacturer(s) JSC AZOT
    JSC Shchekinoazot
    Chemical structure of cyclohexanol

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