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dibutyl sebacate

Product name dibutyl sebacate
Synonyms sebacic acid, dibutyl ester
dibutyl sebate
sebacic acid, di-n-butyl ester
butyl sebacate
GOST 8728-88
CAS 109-43-3

Dibutyl sebacate is a colorless clear viscous liquid. It is soluble in toluene, acetone, hexane, ethanol; almost insoluble in water, propylene glycol, glycerine.


Dibutyl sebacate is manufactured by direct esterification of sebacic acid with normal butyl alcohol in the presence of benzenesulfonic acid or toluenesulfonic acid.


Dibutyl sebacate is a plasticizer permitted in the field of food contact material, medical, and pharmaceutical. It is used as a plasticiser for polyvinylchloride and it copolymers, polyvinylbutyral, cellulose esters and cellulose ethers, polystyrene, polyacrylates and synthetic rubbers.

Manufacturer(s) JSC Kuskovsky chemical plant
JSC Uralchemplast
Chemical structure of dibutyl sebacate

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