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dimethyl sulfoxide

Product name dimethyl sulfoxide
Synonyms methyl sulfoxide
GOST no data
CAS 67-68-5

Dimethyl sulfoxide is a colorless, odorless, hygroscopic liquid. It can have garlic-like smell due to dimethyl sulfide impurity. Dimethyl sulfoxide is a key dipolar aprotic solvent. It is fully miscible in water, ethanol, methanol, diethyl ether, benzene, chloroform, acetone. Upon heating above 150°C it slowly decomposes to dimethyl sulfide (CH3)2S and dimethylsulfone (CH3)2SO2. Dimethyl sulfoxide has a low toxicity and penetrate deeply through the skin and other membranes without damaging them. DMSO is a soft oxidizing agent for many chemical substances such as thiols, sulfides, alcohols. DMSO reacts with methyl iodide to form a sulfoxonium iodide which can be reacted with sodium hydride to form a sulfur ylide.


  • by dimethyl sulfide CH3)2S oxidation with oxygen of air in the presence of nitrogen oxides as a catalyst;
  • as a by-product of wood pulping;


  • as a polar aprotic solvent (reaction medium) in chemical industry and laboratory synthesis. It is an excellent reaction solvent for SN2 nucleophilic substitution reactions. It is an effective solvent for acetylene, SO2, polyacrylonitrile, as well as many inorganic salts and gases. Also DMSO is used as a reaction solvent in oxidation processes;
  • as a component of a paint stripper and coating remover;
  • as a reactant and eaction solvent in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, biocides, pesticides and insecticides (diphenyl ether compounds, imidazolinone derivatives, and pyrethroids);
  • in medicine and cosmetics as a vehicle for the transdermal delivery of active pharmaceuticals.
  • as a component of hydraulic liquids and antifreezes;
  • as a rinsing agent in the electronics industry;
  • its deuterated form (DMSO-d6), is a useful solvent in NMR;

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