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diphenyl oxide

Product name diphenyl oxide
Synonyms phenyl ether
diphenyl ether
GOST no data
CAS 101-84-8

Diphenyl oxide is a colorless crystalline solid with geranium odor. It is practically insoluble in water, but soluble in ethanol, benzene, acetone and glacial acetic acid.


Diphenyl oxide is manufactured by heating of the mixture of chlorobenzene C6H5Cl and sodium phenolate C6H5ONa in the presence of copper.


  • due to its high chemical and thermal stability diphenyl oxide is used as heat transfer fluid by itself or in the mixture with diphenyl or naphthalene;
  • as a high boiling reaction solvent for the manufacturing pharmaceuticals and other organic chemical products;
  • as an intermediate decabromodiphenyl oxide - fire retardant;
  • as a fragrance for soap and detergents;

  • Manufacturer(s) OJSC AROMASYNTHEZ
    CJSC Novokuibyshevskaya Neftekhimicheskaya Companiya
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