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Product name N,N-diphenylamine
GOST no data
CAS 122-39-4

N,N-Diphenylamine is a colorless crystalline solid. On exposure to light it turns to dark color. Dihenylamine is readily soluble in diethyl ether, benzene, acetone, CCl4; boundedly soluble in ethanol and methanol; practically insoluble in water. It can form salts with mineral acids.


Diphenylamine is manufactured:

  • by interaction of equimolar amounts of aniline with aniline hydrochloride at 300°C and pressure in the presence of catalyst (HCl, AlCl3, NH4BF4);
  • by pass of aniline through Al2O3 at 400°C;


  • as a starting product to produce polymer antioxidants;
  • as a parent compound for vulcanization accelerators and for antioxidants (and antiozonant) for rubber industry;
  • as a thermo- and weather-proof stabilizer for cellulose nitrates (including pyroxylin);
  • as an intermediate to manufacture triarylmethane- and azodyes, insecticides, pH indicators, polymers and fibers, and curing agents;
  • as a corrosion inhibitor;
  • as a test for oxidizing agents and in detecting DNA in labs;
  • to absorb decomposed catalysts in solid fuel rocket propellant;

  • Manufacturer(s) JSC AZOT
    OJSC Beraton
    JSC M.V. Frunze Zavolzhsky chemical plant
    Chemical structure of N,N-diphenylamine

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