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Product name isobutylene
Synonyms 2-methylpropene
GOST no data
CAS 115-11-7

Isobutylene is a colorless, highly flammable gas with unpleasant odor. It is soluble in alcohols, diethyl ether, hydrocarbons; practically insoluble in water. Isobutylene is a typical olefin. It can be easily polymerized into polyisobutylene in the presence of Lewis acids or Ziegler-Natta catalyst. Copolymerization of isobutylene with 1-5% of isoprene results in butyl rubber.


Isobutylene is commercially manufactured:

  • as a byproduct of the steam cracking process used to produce ethylene and other olefins;
  • by catalytic isobutane dehydrogenation at 560-600°C and pressure 0.1-0.2 MPa in the presence of Al-Cr catalyst;


  • as an intermediate product in manufacture of methyl-tert-butyl ether (MTBE), tert-butyl alcohol, antioxidants, isooctane;
  • as a raw material in production of butyl rubber, polyisobutylene;
  • in the production of high octane aviation gasoline;

  • Manufacturer(s) JSC "Nizhnekamskneftekhim" Inc.
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