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Product name 2-methoxyethanol
Synonyms methyl cellosolve
ethylene glycol monomethyl ether
GOST no data
CAS 109-86-4

2-Methoxyethanol is a clear, colorless, flammable liquid with an alcohol-like odor. It is soluble in water, alcohols, glycols, diethyl ether, acetone and other organic solvents. Cellosolve is a monoalkyl ether of ethylene glycol. Methyl cellosolve dissolves cellulose nitrates and acetates. 2-Methoxyethanol is a toxic compound; absorbes through intact skin or by inhalation. Workers exposed to high levels are at risk for granulocytopenia, macrocytic anemia, oligospermia, and azoospermia.


  • Methyl cellosolve is manufactured by the reaction of methanol with ethylene oxide at 150-200°C and 2-4MPa in the presence of homogeneous (acids, alkalies) or heterogeneous (zeolites, aluminum silicates, silica gels) catalysts:

    CH3OH + (CH2CH2)O --> CH3OCH2CH2OH


    2-Methoxyethanol is applied:

  • as a common solvent for varnishes, lacquers, dyes, cellulose nitrates and acetates, natural and synthetic resins, polyvinylacetate and others;
  • as a component of paint removers;
  • for clothes chemical cleaning;
  • as an additive to jet fuels as a deicing solution;
  • as an azeotrope agent for separation of alcohols and carbohydrates mixtures;

  • Manufacturer(s) no data
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