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Product name methylamine
Synonyms monomethylamine
GOST no data
CAS 74-89-5

Monomethylamine is a colorless gas with very strong ammonia-like odor. It is readily soluble in water, alcohols and other organic solvents. Methylamine is a strong base. It forms crystalline salts with mineral acids. Reaction with alcohols or alkylhalides results in secondary and tertiary alkylamines. Being treated with carbon acids it forms N-methylamides. Reaction with gammabutyrolactone yields to N-methylpyrrolidone. Monomethylamine reacts with phosgene to give methylisocyanate.


  • Monomethylamine is commercially produced jointly with di- and trimethylamine by vapor-phase catalytic methanol amination at 350-450°C and pressure 0.6-5.0 MPa. Methylamine ratio in reaction mixture is controlled by ammonia amount, reaction temperature or recycling of one or two methylamines. Monomethylamine is isolated from reaction mixture by rectification at 0.4-1.8 MPa.
  • Another industrial method for methylamine production is the reaction of ammonia with chloromethane.


    Monomethylamine is used:

  • for N-methylpyrrolidone preparation;
  • in manufacture of insecticides, vulcanization accelerators, fungicides, pesticides, corrosion inhibitors;
  • to produce sodium methyldithiocarbamate;
  • for monomethyl hydrazine (ingredient of rocket fuel);
  • in manufacture of some drugs and pharmaceuticals;
  • in manufacture of explosives, surfactants, photographic chemicals;
  • as a raw material for production of dimethyl urea used in manufacturng theophylline;

  • Manufacturer(s) JSC Sintez
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