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pentaerithritol technical grade

Product name pentaerithritol technical grade
Synonyms 2,2-bis-(hydroxymethyl)-1,3-propanediol
GOST 9286-89
CAS 115-77-5

Pentaerithritol - colorless crystals, soluble in water, ethylene glycol, formamide, pyridine.


Industrially, pentaerithritol is produced by interaction of formaldehyde with acetaldehyde in presence of Ca(OH)2:

CH3CHO + 4CH2O --> C(CH2OH)4 + HCOOH


Pentaerithritol is used in:

  • polyester synthesis (alkyds as well)
  • hardeners for artificial resins
  • manufacturing of polymers preservatives and antioxidants
  • explosives production (tetranitropentaerithritol)
  • PVC plasticizer
  • component for polyurethane paints and others

  • Manufacturer(s) JSC Chemplast
    OJSC Kamtex-Khimprom
    JSC Metafrax
    JSC Uralchemplast
    OJSC Z.S. Tsahilov Cherkessk Chemical Plant
    Chemical structure of pentaerithritol

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