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Product name piperidine
Synonyms hexahydropyridine
pentamethylene imine
GOST no data
CAS 110-89-4
Piperidine is a clear, colorless liquid with a pungent amine odor. It is fully miscible in water and most organic solvents. It forms azeotrope with water (bp 92.8°C, 65% of piperidine by mass). It exhibits basic properties and forms stable salts with mineral acids. Nitrogen atom in piperidine can be easily alkylated. The piperidine structural motif is present in numerous natural alkaloids such as piperine, lobeline, anabasine, morphine and of many pharmaceutical drugs. Piperidine is listed as a Table II precursor under the United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances.


Piperidine is manufactured:

  • by electrochemical reduction of pyridine;
  • by pyridine hydrogenation at 170-200°C in the presence of nickel catalyst;


  • for the production of rubber vulcanization accelerators, such as dipiperidinyl dithium tetrasulfide and pentamethylene dithiocarbamate;
  • as an intermediate in pharmaceuticals syntheses;
  • as a special solvent in solid phase synthesis;
  • as a protecting group for peptide synthesis;

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