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resorcinol technical grade

Product name resorcinol technical grade
Synonyms resorcin
GOST 9970-74
CAS 108-46-3

Resorcinol crystallizes as colorless needles which are readily soluble in water, alcohol, acetone and ether, but almost insoluble in chloroform, benzene and carbon disulfide.

Resorcinol possess phenol properties. Being treated with halogens gives corresponding 2,4,6-trihalogen derivatives. With concentrated nitric acid, in the presence of cold concentrated sulfuric acid, it yields trinitro-resorcin (styphnic acid). Reaction with aldehydes produces resorcinol aldehyde resins.


  • Alkali melting of 1,3-benzenedisulfonic acid;
  • 1,3-diisopropylbenzene oxidation with air with following hydrolysis of bis-hydroperoxide to resorcinol and acetone.
  • Hydrolysis of 1,3-dihalogenbenzenes or 3-halogenphenols


  • as an antiseptic and disinfectant in medicine;
  • in the production of diazo dyes;
  • in the production of plasticizers;
  • as UV absorber in resins;
  • resorcinol formaldehyde resins which used to make rayon and nylon;
  • as an anti-dandruff agent in shampoo and sunscreen cosmetics.
  • as a chemical intermediate to synthesis pharmaceuticals and other organic compounds.

  • Manufacturer(s) Organic synthesis plant
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