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sodium hexafluoroaluminate

Product name sodium hexafluoroaluminate
Synonyms cryolite
sodium aluminofluoride
sodium fluoaluminate
GOST 10561-80
CAS 13775-53-6

Sodium hexafluoroaluminate is a colorless crystalline solid. It has low solubility in water and organic solvents. Cryolite is a low-temperature alpha-form of sodium aluminofluoride. It is mined in significant quantities in Greenland, and in small amounts in elsewhere. Being melted cryolite is a good electrolyte and it is a good solvent for Al2O3 and other metal oxides.


Cryolyte is manufactured:

  • by interaction of Na2CO3 or NaF on Al(OH)3 or Al2O3 solution in HF;
  • by reaction of AlF3 and NaF;
  • by interaction of Al(OH)3 and Na2CO3 or NaAlO2 with water NH4F;


  • solvent (80-85% by mass of solution) for bauxite in the electrolytic production of aluminum;
  • in glass and enamel industries;
  • filler for bonded abrasives;

  • Manufacturer(s) Gomel Chemical Plant
    JSC Nevinnomyssky Azot
    OJSC Polevskoy kryolite plant
    JSC Sumykhimprom

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