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sodium thiocyanate

Product name sodium thiocyanate
Synonyms sodium rhodanide
sodium sulfocyanate
GOST no data
CAS 540-72-7

Sodium thiocyanate is a colorless hygroscopic crystalline solid with a rhombic lattice. It has a good solubility in water (58.8% at 25°C); boundedly soluble in acetone. Sodium thiocyanate crystallizes from water solutions above 30.4°C as an anhydrous salt; below this temperature is crystallizes as dihydrate NaCNS*2H2O. Being heated above melting point sodium thiocyanate decomposes to give sodium cyanate NaCN and sodium sulfide Na2S.


Commercially sodium rhodanide is produced:

  • by interaction of sodium hydroxide with ammonium thiocyanate:

    NaOH + NH4CNS --> NaCNS + NH3 + H2O

  • by fusion of sodium cyanide with sulfur:

    NaCN + S --> NaCNS

  • by absorption of cyanides containing in coke oven gases with sodium polysulfides solution;


    Sodium thiocyanate is applied:

  • as a reagent in textile printing and dyeing;
  • as a stabilizer or accelerator in photography;
  • in analytical chemistry for photometrical detection of Fe, Co, Mo, W and other ions;
  • for preparation of other thiocyanates;
  • in making spinning solution in manufacturing of polyacrylonitrile fibers;
  • as a defoliant and desiccant for lupin;

  • Manufacturer(s) JSC Mariupol by-product coke chemical plant Markohim
    JSC Zaporozhkoks
    Chemical structure of sodium thiocyanate

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