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terephthaloyl chloride

Product name terephthaloyl chloride
Synonyms benzene-1,4-dicarbonyl chloride
terephthalic acid dichloride
GOST no data
CAS 100-20-9

Terephthaloyl chloride (terephthalic acid chloroanhydride) - colorless crystalline substance with sharp smell. Soluble in diethyl ether, benzene, acetone, CCl4.


  • Commercially terephthaloyl chloride mainly is produced by hexachloro-p-xylene C6H4(CCl3)2 hydrolysis at 110-120°C in presence of FeCl3) as a catalyst. Yeild >90%.
  • Interaction of terephthalic acid with hexachloro-p-xylene at 85-120°C.


    Terephthaloyl chloride is an intermediate product in production of polyamide fibres, polyarylates, plastificizers, drugs, dyes; cross-linking agent for polyurethanes and polysulfides.

  • Manufacturer(s) JSC Kaustik
    Chemical structure of terephthaloyl chloride

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