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Product name o-nitroaniline
Synonyms 2-nitroaniline
Orange O Base
GOST no data
CAS 88-74-4

2-Nitroaniline is a yellow crystalline solid. It is readily soluble in hot water, ethanol, diethyl ether, benzene, acetone, chloroform, but has a low solubility in cold water.


2-Nitroaniline is produced by interaction of o-nitrochlorobenzene with 40% ammonia solution in water at 170-197°C and 5 MPa. Reaction lasts for 4-7 hours.


2-Nitroaniline is applied:

  • as diazo component to produce insoluble azo dyes directly on textile fibers (Azoamine O);
  • as an intermediate in manufacture of diasols, disperse dyes, pigments, o-phenylene diamine, 4,6-dichloro2-nitroaniline;
  • as a photographic antifogging agents and coccidiostats;
  • as acid-base indicator for titration of phenols and carboxylic acids in nonaqueous solutions;
  • in preparation of agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, rubber and plastic additives;

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