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tert-butyl acetate

Product name tert-butyl acetate
Synonyms tertiary butyl acetate
acetic acid, tert-butyl ester
GOST no data
CAS 540-88-5

tert-Butyl acetate is a clear colorless liquid with a fruit odor. It is miscible with a number organic solvents; almost insoluble in water. tert-Butyl acetate can be easily hydrolyzed in presence of acids or alkali solutions.


sec-Butyl acetate is prepared:

  • by direct esterification of acetic acid with tertiary butyl alcohol at 100-110°C in the presence of H2SO4 in continuous process. tert-Butyl acetate is rectified as ternary azeotrope with water and tert-butanol;
  • by alkylation of acetic acid with isobutylene;


    tert-Butyl acetate is applied:

  • as a solvent used alone or in blends for coatings, industrial cleaning and surface treatment applications;
  • as a process solvent for chemical reactions and polymerization;
  • in fruit essences and perfumes;
  • as an intermediate to manufacture pharmaceuticals, synthetic flavorings and other organic compounds;

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